The year was 1984. The place was Breda, a city in southwest Holland. Mistress Dittie (pronounced the way it's spelled) was a young mistress living and working on a small canal boat that she had converted to a dungeon playspace. For the next four years Dittie earned a sterling reputation and great success as a dominatrix for her highly imaginative roleplay. She was as much of an actress as she was a sadist, so all of her sessions were creative and fun. The added attraction of her "floating" dungeon made her very popular with submissive men from all over Holland and a great many from Belgium as well. In 1988 a Dutch government zoning ordinance forced Dittie to leave her canal boat. Typical bureaucratic nonsense. For the next year or two she worked on and off, either by herself or for other mistresses, in the city of Haarlem, just south of Amsterdam. By 1990 she was ready to set up a real SM studio of her own. She moved east to the city of Deventer, a small Dutch town quite far from any big city. Nonetheless, she like Deventer and found a perfect location, a spacious, two-story building on a busy commercial street. She worked hard fixing it up and decorating the space. By the end of 1990 she opened Studio Amazon.

  Dittie made quite a name for her new studio over the next four years. She had very good bondage furnishings in the playrooms and all the kinky equipment a B&D lover could ever want. Her bizarre wardrobe was excellent too. She had lots of leather, rubber and vinyl outfits, serious stiletto heels to match, with sexy stockings, masks, tight corsets and lots of boots. She really loved boots! As her success in this new location grew, Dittie employed both dominant and submissive assistants to work with her. Business was brisk. Not only did submissive gentlement (and a few ladies) come to her for private sessions, but Dittie also welcomed local SM and fetish social groups to hold their meetings and parties at her studio. It was quite a bustling place until 1994. Without any advance notice Dittie decided to quit domination and leave her studio. She gave no explanation as to why. She packed up and moved away, leaving Studio Amazon to be run by two of her assistants. Unfortunately, without Dittie's influence and inspiration, the studio faltered, and by 1996 it was closed for good. As far as we know, nobody has any clue where Dittie went, why she left or what she is doing now.