In 1991 a petite young blonde domina by the name of Xandra secured financial backing, possibly from one or more of her submissive clients, and began the process of making her fantasies come true. For several years Xandra had been a very popular and successful submissive at Club Doma in The Hague. She enjoyed both sides of the dominance seen, however, and decided to start her own SM studio in Breda, a medium-sized city in southwest Holland near the border with Belgium. She and her financial backer, or backers, found a perfect three-story building that had formerly been a bordello in a residential area of Breda. With time and money Xandra converted it into a posh SM studio, to rival Club Doma. The ground floor had a complete SM theatre with stage, banquette seating and a fully stocked bar. The first floor consisted to two spacious dungeon rooms with elaborate bondage furnishings such as a revolving cross, padded restriction chairs, bondage beds with leather coverlets, whipping horses, suspension, etc. The second floor, planned as a huge rubber playroom with a tiled area for water sports never was completed.

  Xandra was a wonderful professional SM specialist. She knew and loved both sides of dominance. She adored submission, but she was a superb mistress. She had a reputation as a caring dominatrix, possibly because of so much time spent on the other side of the whip! She was quite a fetishist as well. She especially loved wearing latex and kinky boots. She wore these things for herself, not for her clients. It just so happened that her clients liked her dressed this way too. What a coincidence!

  The sad part of this story is that Xandra, in all her eagerness to build a beautiful SM studio, equip it with the best gear and staff it with the best dominas and submissives, did not properly acquire all the correct building permits and city business licenses that were required of her. Remember, in Holland sex businesses are completely legal and they can dispense alcohol as well, but they must still meet with various paperwork regulations like any other business. Xandra was either uninformed or absently neglected to follow the bureaucratic rules. The city of Breda closed Club Xadia within two years of its opening, on paperwork technicalities and possibly because of some lingering stigma left from the bordello that had been run from the premises in the past. The city saw a legal opportunity to shut Xandra down and they took it. They forced the closure of Club Xadia even though Xandra tried every legal option to keep it open.

  The money and effort and lofty dreams it took to build club Xadia added to the losing legal battle with the city to keep it open completely disillusioned Xandra. All she wanted was to be a good dominatrix, and to own and operate one of the finer SM clubs in Europe, supposedly in the one country where such clubs are completely legal. But even in Holland you can't buck city hall! Club Xadia was closed in 1993 and Xandra faded out of the public SM arena. Our Euro DDI editor, who knew her well, feels that Xandra is still very much involved in the SM scene in some private way, but she has not been heard from in more than six years and he does not know where she is currently.